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The History of Rumney Pottery
We are still developing this section of the site. Our history is a rich and diverse one, which means that we have some work to do before we can present it all here. However we will be releasing the following sections at the start of March and at a steady rate there after.
  • A picture book history of Rumney Pottery - A gallery of images from the 1920's to the present day showing many aspects of the pottery's working life. A fascinating pictorial journey with written footnotes.

  • Rumney Pottery 1930's amateur B/W film - This film runs for 10 minutes and documents the potters art from digging the clay from the river bank to filling the old bottle neck kiln that still sits at the heart of the pottery today. Available as an MJPEG and Real Video file.

  • An outsiders view of Rumney Pottery - Newspaper articles and written texts from the viewpoint of outside observers.
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