Welcome to Rumney Pottery
Rumney Pottery is located on the clay rich banks of the Rhymney River in Cardiff, South Wales. Family run for more than seven generations the pottery specialises in making unique commemorative wares of high quality and individuality. From this website you can view some of our past designs, dip into our history and if you so wish, place an order or make an inquiry. Our customers come from all over the world with wide ranging interests, a testament to the uniqueness and versatility of our work.

After you have finished viewing our site we would greatly appreciate you dropping by and leaving a few comments in our visitor’s book.
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Apart from their distinctive style, each piece of Rumney Pottery is made unique by the application of a highly detailed motif in the form of a custom designed ceramic badge. This badge is exclusive to Rumney Pottery and has taken many years to perfect. We can present most customer designs upon the pot, including detailed buildings and intricate coats of arms. The badge has a similar surface to an enamel pin badge allowing the clay design to be hand inlaid with enamels, glazes and lustres to beautiful effect.

On the right you will see some examples of badges that have adorned mugs, plates and plaques. All images on this page are linked to larger images. For more information about our work please visit the rest of our site or quickly get information from our FAQ (frequently asked questions).


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